Friday, February 25, 2011

NZ Post vs Yellow Pages settled

In my previous post Cybersquatting court case NZ Post vs Yellow Pages I reported how a trademark and passing off case between the YP Group and New Zealand Post included some domain names.

Last night in some informal discussions I was having before the Internet NZ members consultation meeting I heard from another interested watcher of the case that it had been settled out of court and the disputed domain names had been transferred to NZ Post. The whois for them is still showing Yellow as the owner, but I'm assuming that this is just a timing issue as the sites have already been removed. My informant tells me that the Google Adwords bids on the Localists keywords by YP seem to gone as well.

Obviously it's good that these companies managed to agree to do the right thing, and it's also good that the dispute over a generic name is no longer caught up in the midst of some non-generic names.

Update 3:50 PM
It's official, Localists have posted on their blog that the dispute has been resolved on "commercial terms" and the domain names are to be transferred.

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