Friday, February 25, 2011

InternetNZ donates $50,000 to Red Cross

In a press release, InternetNZ says:
"InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has today donated $50,000 to the New Zealand Red Cross in support of those affected by the Christchurch Earthquake. This is one step the organisation has taken, and there will be further action. It is clear that cash is needed right now and an immediate donation is one of the best ways to help, backing those organisations that are there on the ground."

They say they encourage all organisations able to make donations to do so.

Given that almost all Internet NZ income is from .nz domain registrations, it's worth noting that at the latest statistics I've seen there are about 420,000 domain registrations and this represents a mere $0.12 per domain name.

It's the right thing that they have got in behind the immediate need, people still need rescue, the rescued need treatment, everyone needs food, water and shelter; the Red Cross is an organisation that helps there. When it comes to the more substantive donations they intend making later I'm hoping that, and will be lobbying for, the donations to be directly relevant to the Internet. Christchurch's infrastructure has been largely destroyed, and targeted aid will be required to help both restore internet access and to help internet based companies pull through.

One idea I heard raised last night is to sponsor an Icehouse style incubator for helping Christchurch IT companies recover, another was just to sponsor a large serviced office space with Internet connection & possibly computers so they can not only continue working but have the social interactions that come from an office space.

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