Sunday, November 1, 2009

DNC Consultation: Second Level Domains Policy Review

Some top level domains (.com, .tv) allow people to register a name immediately before the top level domain. Other top level domains provide a restricted number of names immediately to the left of the top level domain such as,, and allow registration only at the third level. These limited number of second level names are known as second level domain names. Some registration schemes, such as the Chinese .cn registry allow a hybrid system.

Currently New Zealand's .nz registry allows only 12 second level domains;,,,,,, and are "unmoderated" meaning anyone can register a name in these second level domains while,,,, and are "moderated" so that only those meeting the requirements of the second level domain can register the name.

Expired or Not? The strange case of Dick Smiths

On Friday night Expired Domains was showing the auction on the domain name as finishing then. From Saturday morning it's been showing as finishing in 2 months time.