Sunday, April 22, 2007

Great British Domains

I've decided to explore the uk ccTLD address space a little. A lot more of the good domains are taken than for the New Zealand ccTLD, and with 80 million people that's hardly unexpected, but there's still unregistered gems to be found. and are just two of the gems I've picked up. The rest are all listed at my future uk catalog site Great British Domains (Love that name.) I have the .com & registered as well, I just don't want it indexed under those names till I've done something more readable.

Of course I'm inexperienced, I registered before I realised that they call it flatshare, but you live and learn.

And equally, a lot of work went into it over the last few days, but not very much to say about it for the moment. Never mind, as I learn I'll report back.

Onwards ...

Friday, April 20, 2007

New form of domain appraisal scam

I've just bought a couple of domains on the aftermarket: & and until I get around to building them properly have set them up as mini-sites on 1plus. While I was setting them up I saw some news items that alerted me to a new variation of the old appraisal scam.

The traditional appraisal scam works by scammers approaching a domain owner and offering a very good price for it. Negotiations continue for a while, and then the buyer "Needs" an appraisal to convince their boss, or for the bank manager, or some suitable excuse.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Domain Parking 101. Introduction.

What is Domain Parking?
At it's simplest, domain parking is a service where one person owns a domain name and a second person provides a very rudimentary website for that domain. Some registrars automatically park domains that aren't hosted elsewhere on a simple page on their servers.
Many years ago, that's all parking was. Then somebody worked out that there were a lot of page views on these essentially empty sites. Commerce abhors wasted resources and pretty soon many of the registrars that used to provide a boring standard page started to provide a page with adverts on it. This provided a nice revenue stream to the registrar.

New Zealand Domaineers Site

Long time NZ Domainer Garth Piesse has set up a forum in the NamePros vein, called Domain Talk.

It's early days yet and he's only got a handful of posters but it definitely seems to have potential.

Given how wrapped up in .com & .us the overseas domaineering fora are, having a New Zealand centric site is likely to be very useful.

I'll be watching, and contributing. Why not join me?

Bruce the Domainer

I'm a domain name investor with around 700 registered domains.

I have fairly strong opinions on domain investing, so I thought that before I start giving my opinions on I should introduce that part of myself so readers know who I am & why I have these opinions.

When I came to writing a brief domaining bio for myself I started to feel it was a bit like AA sessions, as they are portrayed on TV anyway, my apologies if I've got it totally wrong.