Sunday, April 22, 2007

Great British Domains

I've decided to explore the uk ccTLD address space a little. A lot more of the good domains are taken than for the New Zealand ccTLD, and with 80 million people that's hardly unexpected, but there's still unregistered gems to be found. and are just two of the gems I've picked up. The rest are all listed at my future uk catalog site Great British Domains (Love that name.) I have the .com & registered as well, I just don't want it indexed under those names till I've done something more readable.

Of course I'm inexperienced, I registered before I realised that they call it flatshare, but you live and learn.

And equally, a lot of work went into it over the last few days, but not very much to say about it for the moment. Never mind, as I learn I'll report back.

Onwards ...

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